Baby information

  • Nickname of element (Symbol) Ti
  • Birth date (date element was discovered)1791
  • Birth weight (atomic mass) 47.867
  • Birth height (atomic number) 22
  • Race (type of element/family) transition metel
  • Attending physician (Discoverer)William Gregor
  • Gender (state of matter at room temperature - use your periodic table) solid
  • Place of birth (country of discovery)england
  • Personality (emotions: boiling point and melting point) 3,034 f

Ultrasound of my Element

Transition Metal

i want to be a basketball player or a football player

My element can be made in a motorcycle. Or it can be made in a watch. Or can be mad in a metal.

i would want my element to be made in a basketball.why?Because i never played with a metal basketball.And i know that it  is dangerous.

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