This Poster is to help you when you are shopping in the grocery store and how to pick the best meat for you and your family!

Beef Evaluation Tips

1.Marbling- little parts of fat that you will see on the rib-eye, the more you have the better the meat will be.

2. Yield- It makes up trimness and muscling. The trimness can also be seen in the blueish color that you will see around the round and other parts of the carcass and the amount of fat opposite of the rib-eye. Muscling can be seen on how big the lion, round and chuck are.

3.The best choice would be a prime grade, because it has a higher degree marbling. which is tender and also has allot of flavor when it is cooked

4. The fat content for beef is 13g. Type: Beef, ground 85% lean meat/ 15% fat, broiled. Quality: 1 serving (3 oz) (85g)

5. Maturity- Is the physiological age for the carcass. Maturity is important since the tenderness of the lean muscle is decreasing because the animal gets older. Measured by the degree of ossification by the vertebrae.

Deformities in Beef

Some people had diseases in their cattle's meat. Certain cattle had a bad hoof to were they would fall apart. People are starting to put G MOS in the cow to make them bigger and make more meat to eat. Also some cows developed pneumonia which is a disease.

This is the Yield grade. You would use this to tell you what kind of number your meat was. the higher it is the more closer it is to the prime. The lower it is the more is is to a select.

This one is the Quality grade it has 3 different type prime, choice and select. the more the little fat in it the better its going to be. so the prime would be the best and the select would not have the same flavor.

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