My Reflection

By: Ciara Wilkerson

The Theory of Self Concept.

This theory is how you view yourself based on the groups you associate with. For example, if someone hangs out with stereotypical "jocks", then they would represent themselves  as a athletic person.

Example in a movie: The movie "Mean Girls" is an example of the theory of self concept forced by social class because of the different social classes discussed and displayed.

The song "Untitled" by artist Kendrick Lamar is told by Kendrick in the point of view of a person four different ethnic groups and what he expected them to talk about. This is an example of the theory because it is how they could be portrayed in their ethnic groups. For example first part of the song said "what did the Asian say?" then he talked about Buddha which is what most Asians worship.

The video game "Bully" created by Rockstar games is a games where you have to do multiple missions to "rule the school". They have different status quo's within the school that you have to overcome. As you play you are represented as a no one then moves up to nerd then prep then greaser kid then lastly a jock. Outside of the school the "townies" are the last group that the player needs to earn respect from. At the end you maintain the school and everyone gets along forgetting about cliques. This game used the theory by letting the character choose which group you would like to associated with.  

Everyday life

Although a fictional movie High School Musical used the song "stick to the status quo" to show how regular high school lunch should look like. But some of the students started to talk about how they were interesting in things that were not necessarily the norm for their status quo. Hence the saying of the chorus "stick to the stuff you know"  In our everyday life's we maybe break the status quo or we contribute to the status quo. For example different social groups slit into different sections quiet kids usually do not sit with popular kids that talk a lot. That would be maintaining the status but if one of those talkative kids sat and started up a conversation with a quite one it would break the norm and also break status quo.

Product (poem)


     Do not fit in do not conform. Fitting others needs means your will not be fulfilled. At the end of the day you have yourself and your happiness. DO NOT conform Be yourself that is who you was born as. Being popular is not the goal the goal is reaching internal happiness. No one knows you better than you know yourself your needs and interest and dreams are the only thing worth fighting for, worth dying for. Happiness is the thing everyone strives for.


This year I took English 111 and English 112 and also Weight Training those classes will help me reach my goal of become a graduate with my associates degree from RCC. Having my associates degree will help me to get a reasonable job and a head start in life. My views have changed this year. At the beginning I felt High school would be enjoyable but it is not. The workload is a lot but in the long run hopefully the work will be worth it.

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