The Evil in Concentration Camps

Concentration Camps are the cause of what killed millions of Jews. They were pure evil and definitely not the best place to be. If you didn't know Auschwitz was the largest and most used concentration camps. In these camps they put any Jew they could find in a camp and killed them. At the end the U.S. ended up liberating any camp they could find end set the Jews free. There were over 6 million Jews captured but only about 3,000,000 were found.

1. They killed over 6 million Jews in Concentration Camps   

2. Adolf Hitler never visited the death camps

3. They were created by Nazis

4. They killed Jews in gas chambers.

5. Women and Men were put in these camps

6.  Children were put in death camps

7. They starved people in these camps

8. They had a pit to throw dead Jews in

9. They burned some Jews that survived in gas chambers

10. Some Jews used tactics to survive in gas chambers

U.S. troops - liberated concentration camps

German Troops - some defended the concentration while others fled from the hoping not to get captured

Anne Frank -  she wrote about her time before she went to the camps in a place called Secret Annex band i like

U.S. Troops- Are heroes for helping the Jews that survived

Jew - Escaped the Concentration camps

Adolf Hitler - killed himself when he found out what the u.s. were doing and what they where gonna do to him if they found him

People should remember my topic to remember what Jews faced and hope that it will never happen again and not to let one man cause destruction because if it was your race that was being destroyed you wouldn't like it .

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