How to Build a Good Relationships with Co-Workers

By: Shala Jones

  1. Use good manners
  • Greet your co-workers nicely
  • Don't be rude
  • Be neat and clean in the co-workers lounge

        2. Good Communication

  • learn how each co-worker communicate best
  • learn how to express opinions appropriately
  • listen so you can complete the task correctly

         3.Be independent

  • Try to do things yourself
  • Don't annoy  co-workers with petty questions
  • Look up things you don't know
  • Ask co-workers after you've tried it yourself

        4.Always be professional

  • Don't discuss company business outside of work
  • Don't treat co-workers based off personal opinions
  • Don't post opinions about work on social media

         5.Don't Complain at work

  • Don't say what you don't like
  • Don't say what you don't want to do

       6.Have a positive attitude

  • Don't be a negative person
  • Don't look for a problem
  • look at the good side of situation

        7.Have trust in your co-workers

  • Believe in what they can do
  • Don't doubt your co-workers

        8.Be Helpful

  • Offer a helping hand
  • Two heads are better than one

        9.Be Respectful

  • Don't bother other things without permission
  • Don't distract others

        10.Don't be judgmental

  • People work differently
  • Because it isn't your way doesn't mean it's wrong

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