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     The 70's was popular for its sporadic culture. As the website Welcome To The 70's would say "These were the days of pet rocks, mood rings, water beds, crystals, incense, and wild color…" So hopefully I can give you a glimpse into the exotic trends of 70's fashion. Jumpsuits, hot pants, Bohemian style, parachute pants, and paisley will all leave you amazed.

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  • Name: Cherilyn Sarkissian (commonly known as Cher)
  • born: May 20th, 1946 in El Centro California
  • Parents: Georgia & John Sarkissian
  • Quote "You can make good coffee..your a slob, but you make good coffee"

     Cher was lived with her single mother a struggling actor, until she turned 16 when she left school due to dyslexia and started taking acting lessons in Las Angeles, California. Cher was important because of her show with her husband sonny "The Sonny and Cher comedy hour", she was one of the famous people in the '70s who paved way for that era's fashion. Sadly Cher and Sonny got divorced later in 1975, their show aired from 1971-1974. Cher did make it on her own, having a career of acting and singing. A major event of Cher's life was "The Sonny and Cher comedy hour." The other major event in her life was the albums she recorded like "Half Breed" which made top charts and she also was in several broadway plays in the early 80's. Cher's accomplishments were 4 #1 hit singles, grammy awards, golden globe awards, and coming from a hard background.

Cher looking into the middle of no where
Cher looking like the couch next to her
Cher and Sonny in 1970 performing together


     The year of 1970 was known for the midi debacle. Most women dreaded the midi skirt but a few liked it, but this was the year the midi the took a vast fall in popularity . Common colors for midi skirts included purple, indigo, and green. Alternatives to the midi included gaucho skirts, cape skirts, and pancho skirts. Bohemian clothing was also very popular. Boots were a popular type of shoes in 1971.


The horrid midi skirt
A Bohemian bird dress


     Oh the year of dressing exactly like your partner, sort of like the identical twins that are seen in movies. According to the website retrowaste, the rich loved chinese-inspired dresses in '71. Plaid was the hype for men, in and out of work. Bell-bottoms and hot pants continued to be be a continuous choice of clothing. People rebelled designers and wore ankle long gowns meant for evening during the day, there was a constant battle between designers and people.

A chinese-inspired women's dress
Matching couple


     Sportswear, baggy sweaters, apron tops, kaftans, and jeans were popular for their ease of feel and putting on. Textures included angora, cashmere, lambswool, mohair, and cuddly… among many others. Pastels were loved and  luxurious clothing colors were black, grey and white. A popular shoe was the heels.

The Kaftan look


     Clothing was simple due to a lack of fabric in '74. Popular colors include peach, rust, tangerine, copper, forest green, and pistachio. On active days men wore piped suits, blazers, baseball and varsity jackets, and pea coats

Piped suits and blazers


     Fashion designers were trying to make clothes baggier so they would last longer because clothing shops were closing due to the recession. Due to this everybody turned to their sweater, jeans, and self decorated T-shirts. Circular capes over bulky sweaters became popular along with sportswear, tailored suits, and leisure suits. Although flannels a consistently popular fashion item. Other standouts include: steamer coats, raglan sleeves, cardigans, and kimonos.

Leisure suits
Tailored suit
Steamer coat


     1975 summed up every type of clothing style, accessories, fads, and vogues of the '70s. Calvin Clein's reefer coat and Yves Saint Laurent's tube dress were popular at the time. Dresses were tailored with tucks, pleats, cargo pockets... among many other types of dress tailors. Layering was popular, hoods over hats, jumpers over dresses. Jeans continued to be a pretty continental choice for both men and women, although khakis were becoming "the thing" and were a big threat to the jeans. People turned to thrift shops and vintage stores to get clothes from the early 1900's because it just became normal to dress like grandma! Jumpsuits were great for a night out but sadly jumpsuit came in materials like duck skin and baby whale skin. Parachute pants, painters pants, clam-diggers, and combat boots were uniform components of the 70's.



The lady to the back left is wearing clam diggers


     Boho parisan pesant style or "I <3 the USA" look were pretty much the only choices people really in '76. Women just LOVED a pinstriped pant suit for a night out, while for men if you had a velvet "tuxedo" (velvet tuxedo= velvet suit altered to look like tuxedo) it was the tool mid 70's look. For the ladies the pant suit was cuffed to the blouse according to the boot length. Another option for men besides the velvet "tuxedo" was a vest, simple but elegant. Hunter and lumberjack clothing became popular (down filled coats, lumberjack shirts, etc) as well as earth toned panchos for the bohemian hippie folk.

Pinstriped pantsuit
Earth toned poncho



     '77 things just loosened up, clothes-wise. Popular fabrics were the soft kind, cashmere and mohair. The baggy style clothing was not enjoyed people though it made skinny people look fat and fat people look fatter. Shiny satin became a big thing, along with unbuttoned shirts and skin showing.

Satin pants

1978: TIGHT

    Tight was the way people dressed, a defined silhouette was the fashion of '78. A shirt with broad shoulders and some loose pants was the fashion, imagine a walking triangle. 40's shoulder pads, tailored suits, and tilted hats were as they would say in the 70's was "far out". The retro look was usually for younger people going to the disco. If fabrics were mixed together, it wasn't a sin actually it was a blessing. People loved fabric mixes. A bolt of color was added to shades to brighten them up. Sequins and '78 were like "peas and carrots" as Forrest Gump would put it

1979: Designer Jeans

     Designer jeans were becoming popular in styles like straight, cigarette legs. As well another popular pant style was the old painters pants. Wide leg pants/bell bottoms were also very popular. Tube socks just went with anything in '79, jeans with tube socks, satin bell bottoms with tube socks… Plaid and striped pants were a pretty amazing style at the time.

The famous bell bottom look
Plaid is in the air
Tube socks


  • Short hair
  • Short hair with upturned bangs
  • Long with bangs parting in center
  • Shoulder length
  • Blonde with fringe bangs
  • Sideburns were popular
  • Afros


  • Pearls
  • Chockers
  • Dog collars
  • Jewelry
  • Natural jewelry
  • Gold chains
  • Gold buttons
  • Rhinestone clips


  • Stretch garments were starting to become popular due to the more sports that were becoming popular in the 70's.
  • Matching tracksuits was also coming into the scene.
  • A membrane called Gore Tex was becoming popular due to the ability of this material to be water resistant and keeps good air ventilation in the body. As well more sports were being invented so it was important to invent clothes for high energy sports

The top sports was college and pro football, basketball, and baseball. The '70s sports was known for the terrorists attack of the 1972 summer olympics, where 11 Israeli athletes and coaches were killed

Vocab of the 70's

  • Freak (n): A person or animal containing weird characteristics, commonly isn't like other people [O Eng 1555-65- Frician: to dance
  • Downer (n): A depressing experience, person, or situation [Americanism 1965-70 Down + er]
  • Bummer (n): Any unpleasant or disappointing experience [Americanism 1965-70]
  • Mugwump (n): a person who is unable to make up his or her mind on an issue, especially in politics; they have a neutral attitude [ political term: created by the republican party, 1830-35 mugquomp]
  • Kipe (slang): to steal something [unk.]

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