Save the Helium

An Element with an Element of Danger

Everyday, the balloon flies a little higher, a little higher out of our grasp. Well, not quite the balloon. More what is inside. It has filled our hot air balloons, and our hearts for decades but today, the element that has  LIFTED our spirit since its discovery date in 1895 needs our help.  So today, put forward your help and protect the only element in the universe with an atomic  mass of 4 AMUs, 2 electrons, 2 protons and 2 neutrons. Although the atomic number for helium is 2, it will always be number 1 to us. Save the helium.

You may wonder, why should I care? Look deep in your heart, deep into your soul, and you'll realize that there are no traces of helium there. It's true, helium is not present in our blood. However, helium plays a big role in our past and is needed, but it may not play a big role in our future. Helium is a non renewable element. Scientists say it will vanish within 35-40 years. This may not seem like a pressing issue today; who cares about floating balloons? But what you may not know, is that the uses of helium certainly do not stop there. Helium plays a large role in the medical world as it is a chief player in MRIs. Liquid helium is used to cool down the superconductive magnets coil in MRI scanners to a temperature below 10 Kelvin. It is also used in blimps as it is a lighter than air gas Helium protects you, it's time for you to protect helium.

This is a Bohr Rutherford diagram of helium

So, who would losing helium affect? True, humans would be affected, but this is beyond us. Think about all of those poor compounds, halogens, oxides, and hydrides, that contain helium. Where does their future lie? The truth is, even though helium is completely colorless, and even though we may not see it, it plays a large role in our lives and would be missed if ever lost. So, what are you waiting for? Join today and fight for helium's future!

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