Ellen DeGeneres Unveils New 'Fun Mix' ED Fashion Line

Ellen DeGeneres unveiled pieces of her new fashion line at a Manhattan studio gathering Tuesday night.

The famed talk show host showed off pants, jackets, woven shirts and hoodies from her new ED line at Splashlight Studios in Manhattan. The fashion pieces are set to go on sale later this month or early next month at edbyellendegeneres.com, with prices ranging from $40 for T-shirts to $175 for jackets.

Described as a fun mix, DeGeneres is hoping the line will answer for a lot of people the question of "what do I put on this morning" that she too once had.

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Newsday reports distinctive touches include the word "love" printed under collars or in linings of some of the jackets. The newspaper adds the "ED" moniker is a longstanding term of endearment Portia de Rossi uses for her wife.

A tiny goat logo also shows up on some of the items as a testament to DeGeneres' love of animals. Tiny pins of pigs, walking away from it all so she can spend more time at home in hopes of "putting their marriage back on track."

Radar adds, the 42-year-old de Rossi spent time in a rehab facility last year for an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

"Portia told her that she has already interviewed everyone there is to interview and the act just seems to be getting old," said a source.

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