Mrs. Russell's Weekly Newsletter                                               23-28 August 2015

Last week the students' were busy learning daily routines.  The children learned some things we take for granted because we're adults, but they are huge for children.  They can now come to school, put their things away, and sign in all on their own.  They are also becoming hand washing experts!  

We introduced jobs this week, and the children did quite well with them.  They fed the frogs, watered the plants, cleaned their centers, held doors and gates for others, and thirteen other jobs.  

This week we will study the five senses and work on "All About Me" activities.  There will be two culminating activities, a book about each of the children and a paper quilt square to be completed at home.

We will also participate in an obstacle course this week.

Our lunch schedule has changed.  The new lunch time is 1045-1115.  Please feel free to join your child for lunch.