Wars of the Roses

By Kaylie Moody Dragonstone

This war was fought in England. It lasted thirty years, but the wars were far apart.

This war was between two families who both wanted the Throne of England.
The reason why it was called "The War of the Roses" is because of the symbols of the two families.

The Lancaster house's rose was the red rose. The York's rose was the white won.

The reason behind the wars were not very clear. Henry VI wasn't any help, because he was mentally ill, and didn't have very good advisers.

Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick began the war on the Yorks' side; but he changed when he didn't like the way King VI ruled.

Richard, Duke of York began the war on the Yorks' side.

The first was started on May 22, 1455.

On August 22, 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth.

Interesting Facts

~ A couple English Nobles switched sides throughout the war, wanting to be on teh side of the winners in the end.

One of the wars, the famous Battle of Losecote Field got its name because some of the losers took off their coats so that they could run faster.