Katie Shampine S&E Marketing Final

What do you think are the most important things for artists to remember if they are going to try to build their musical careers without the help of a label, even an independent one?

When an artist is trying to start a career with out the help of a record label, they should try to create music that people really like at the moment or what is coming up but not really popular yet. Then they should create social media websites that you can share with your friends and family and then they can share with other people too. They should also start a local fan base and play at places in their area where they can expose themselves and get feed back from people they know. Then the artist should try to expand their fan base to other places to where people haven't heard them yet and try to get bigger gigs. Also try to bigger crowds and different people to tell their friends and family. When they do shows they should tell the people about their social media sites and give them a flyer or a creative way to give them a list of places they can find their music and where they will have more shows. The artist should also make their show exciting and interactive so that they aren't just listening to music but enjoying a show and makes them want to come back and recomend it to people they know will like it.

Find and evaluate a movie poster (must include a picture of the poster)


Draws Attention: 5

Gives an Idea of What the Movies is About: 4

Make People Want to go see it: 4

Draws attention because of the large images of the characters, the large text of the title, and the contrasting colors of the blues and whites, and the colors in the characters.

It gives you an idea of the movie because it shows the main characters and it gives you an idea of what the movie is about because of the snow and the detail in the picture. It shows a little bit of the characters personality.

It makes people want to see the movie because the detail of the background grabs your attention and the snow man in the middles head separated makes it look interesting and fun to watch. It also shows what its about a little by barring the characters in the snow, it makes you want to see why they are.

Evaluate a movie trailer

Rio 2:

Teased the Plot Line:4

They did a good job of showing what the movie is about and what happens through the movie. I think that the go to all the other birds and they show the people that own them and they make a big discovery

Part of the Climax is Shown:3

I think that the climax is when they meet more birds of their kind. And also could be when she meets her father. But the video wasn't very clear and didn't show that much suspense except when the bad guy from the first movie was shown but it dint really say what he does.

Clips That Give the General Feel of the Movie:4

I think that the movie is a happy movie and is a very good for little kids. It probably isn't very scary and doesn't have very many moments where you are on the edge of your seat, but will be a fun movie for families to watch.

music marketing short essay.

Using social media to market your music:

If you have a fan base built already, using social media to market your music can help you connect to your fans and let them have a voice on what they like about your music or what they would like to see in your music. You can also show your fans your new music and ask them what they think before you release it. An artist can also use social media to get new friends.

If you use sites where you fans can share or re-post things, there is lots of opportunities to expand your fan base. When your fans show and share your music with their friends and family they will want to hear more and maybe follow you. You can keep expanding your fan base by using social media.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of charging higher admissions prices for different days of the week or different seasons of the year.

There are lots of advantages to charging different prices during different days of the week and/or the year. One of the biggest ones is that you can charge more money when there are school breaks or during the summer and make a lot more money if you charge more when there are more people that come. Also you may charge more on weekends because people don't stay at resorts or hotels during the week because of work and school. Also some people don't come when its colder or when it is raining or storming so you might charge less to

But there are also some disadvantages to charging more during different times. People might not stay at your amusement park because it is to expensive because its the weekend or a break from work or school. Families might also have a hard time affording the high prices for the weekend or summertime when they have off work or time to come and not as many people will come. Also some people don't come when its colder or when it is raining or storming so you might charge less to get people to come.

I think that charging higher prices is a good idea, because during the week you are losing a lot of money because kids are at school and people are at work. But if there are parents that stay at home with there younger kids then they can go during the week for cheaper than if they went during the weekend and their will be not as long as lines. Also if the distance is long than people will not want to go at night during the week and will spend the weekend for the drive.

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