Hospitality Customs in Ancient Greece

By Ritvik Jayaswal

This host Family is following Xenia by providing their host with proper shelter and food, and the hostee is helping out the family w/ tasks.

The guidelines for Hospitality Customs in Greece where known as Xenia. The two most important rules of Xenia were that:

1.)The host must provide the guest with food and drink and a bath, if required. It is not polite to ask questions until the guest has stated his/her needs.

2.)The guest must be courteous to the host and not cause problems.

A Hostess treating her guests with food for the holidays.

Xenia was also used for regular celebrations. Just like now days, guests would be invited to a house and stayed there for a relatively short period of time. These would be held after successful battles and during the holidays.

This shows how Xenia was important in ancient Greece for political purposes.

In Greece, nobles would be treated as guests by others and persuaded to make political decisions that would benefit the host. Sometimes, hosts would even intoxicate guests with alcohol in order to make decisions that the politicians wouldn't normally make.