What is a Hurricane?

A hurricane is a storm with violent winds and floods that is similar to a tropical cyclone but it is much more powerful.

How Does a Hurricane Form?

  • A hurricane forms with three things, very hot water, an ocean or sea, steamy air, and water gas, clouds that are stormy.
  • The water in the sea heats up to become very hot.
  • Then the air can become steamy from that.
  • Then the water gas rising from the heated up water becomes a water gas.
  • The water gas mixes with the steamy air.
  • Then that goes into the stormy clouds.
  • Winds get added into the clouds and water gas mixed with steamy air.
  • Then a hurricane forms from that.
  • Hurricanes don't happen often because the water has to be very hot which doesn't happen often.
This is a picture showing hurricane formation.

Historical Examples of Hurricanes

  • Hurricane Galveston happened in 1900
  • Hurricane Katrina happened in 2005
  • 1,800 people died in Hurricane Katrina
  • 8,000 people died in Hurricane Galveston
  • Hurricane Katrina costed 75 billion dollars in property damage
  • Hurricane Galveston costed 30 million dollars in property damage
  • More people survived Katrina because with modern technology and people knowing more survival techniques, less people died.
  • Hurricane Galveston injuries are not listed
  • Hurricane Katrina injuries are not listed
  • Hurricane Katrina happened in the New Orleans area mostly.
  • Hurricane Galveston happened in the texas area mostly.
  • Hurricane Katrina Happened on Tuesday August, 5th 2005
  • Hurricane Galveston happened on September, 8th 1900.
This is a picture of hurricane Katrina
This is a tracking radar tracking Hurricane Galveston.

Hurricane facts

  • Hurricane winds spin from 75 mph to 200 mph
  • The air pressure in a hurricane is a low pressure system
  • The type of precipitation in a hurricane is rain
  • Floods are caused during hurricanes
  • About the range of a hurricane's temperature is 50 degrees and above but it depends on the location of the hurricane.
  • A low pressure system is where the air pressure is low so there is usually a gloomy cloudy day with precipitation usually.

What have we done today to prepare for hurricanes?

  • We have hurricane tracking radars with modern technology
  • We have built higher buildings to avoid drowning
  • We know that to survive we should get to high ground
  • Buildings can resist heavier winds.
These houses are built higher by the coast of the body of water because thats where the hurricane would come fro

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