Come to Mesopotamia

Why live somewhere else when you can live here in Mesopotamia.Here we have many things like the wheel and water and fertile soil.We have invented things that will help make your life much easier.


Mesopotamia is the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. We are located in the plains so dont look in the mountains.And we are north east of the nile river and south of china.

We are in the green area between the rivers


Why you might ask I have three reasons yes three so listen up and I will tell you why to come to Mesopotamia.

1. Civilization, we have several things that makes us civilised, we have Hammurabi's code this set of laws that lets us know what is wrong and write. We also have evolved into empires and have made our own language called Cuneiform.

2. Irrigation system we have built canals and dams and levees that let us make the water go where we want it in our city states. And the irrigation systems also help us keep out empires from flooding.

3.We also have great rulers like Sargon and Nebakanezer and they were nice enough to let us have a Ziggurat to worship the gods.

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