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This is my first blog to write about my working experience as a student who just took graduate from university.

First Step

I had so many thought about my career before my graduation. Everybody feeling fresh things to change world while they are closing soon of the universty. So I made a career plan for the future. Acording to my plan; working at Ramada Bodrum Resort Hotels as a Night auditor and also  apply Muğla University's Business master programme. I have done like my career plan. I have started at Ramada Bodrum hotel and I have Applied Muğla University to study master program. I have study  in marketing and sales but I was doing different job  It made me unhappy after for a while. Unfortunately I left my job because of salary and working conditions.and then Muğla University denied my application. After all of things I started to think of my career plan again to draw a new frame.

Second Step

My brother called to me who works for speacial property and investment selling company, I spoke with him about my job situation and then he offered to me a new job in Ankara (capital City of Turkey). They took a good property project to sell at Ankara and they made a good team to work over there. I said just simple YES. Then I prepared my buggage for go to Ankara.

When I came to Ankara we tried to find a house to stay, but we couldnt find a good one. So we stayed around 40 days at Hotel.

We started to work 11th. of the August as a new selling team. But there were lots of problem about job conditions and especially our selling office when we arrived there and also there was a team who works for building company. Their thoughts that they really good at selling properties. but when we begin to control the system, everything smelled so ameteur.

We made a work plan to changing somethings immediately. our sell office have just two tables and chairs, lights were not enought to light up our office. there was not a music system to listen music background when you selling your properties. Propersties couldn't explain wery well to consumer. They dont have any selling role models that we called game plan. They worked with bad advertisment company and they have so bad visual broshure. Old team tried to run a social media working with advertising company but they couldnt get high effective results. It was so ordinary working. Also there was a unacceptable sales programme. Actually it was not a programme , It's just a Excell. They try to sell around 1000 properties  with that programme. Its so ignorantly behavior because after 150 selling properties, there was no way to control which flat selling, who bought it and so many problem there was. If someone delete something mistakenly you cant find it and get it back. So if you want to sell so many properties you have to get so profesional programme.

We have determined our new office's needs in order to run without any troubles and problems. However, old team try to set up bariers for us to stop every new steps, we keep make a plan to implement whatever we want to fix at the office.

We  pitch a solution about working desk, and we ordered 3 desk more, and also we need to change sells office's seating plan. We want to bring here a professional CRM programme to follow our customers easly without any fault. So we contacted a programmer who can create fresh CRM programme just for us. After a week later he brought a program to us. Old team still defending agains to us about that programme  and they said that " we dont have to buy it, old excell programme anough for us". We guest that they couldnt understand about that programme's important for us to increase our sells and saving our datas with safely, but then we got it why they didnt want to it. The old excell is under the thier control and they dont want to change it, and also whenever they want they close Flat to sell and they can reserved a flat without any announced to somebody. If manager ask something about sells or customer reports, they can create a new one that including only good news. They can change information so easily and The manager could not notice about that misleading reports. It will couse huge managening problems. It is relevant about fresh and true informations save and reports to the managers. We must avoid to that problems. So our second big step is  set up professional CRM programme to change our new office.

after 4 monhts

After all of these arrangements we begin to served  our customer. The old personel accept us and our system after a long time later except a one and 2 months later she left from position. Unfortunetley she still try to find a job but i guess she will looking  job for  a long time. So everybody should understand about team work and why cooperation so important point for us to increase our customer's satisfaction.

Bodrum Holiday

The weather was nice if we compare with Ankara

After tired working period I would like to take 4 days off and bought flight tickests to Bodrum. The weather in Ankara so bad and cold but when I arrived to Bodrum, the weather is 21 c. So I can go outside just my t-shirt. There is my old colluage from Ramada and we arrange a meeting at bodrum marina. He is working as a body fitness coach as professional at bodrum Ramada. We went to nice restaurant with him and we talk about what happened in Ramada,  and my Ankara adventures. The next day I have met with my old manager at Termera Resort at Aspat who has worked at Erbil (Irak).  He always be cool against to hard problems, and he teach me lots of things about how can we manage a team and lead them with tough and nice. He always trust me about my responsibilities and he also try to arrange my internship at The Uk. So I really really like and respect him. We have met at Denizciler Cafe. It was awesome cafe to sit down, drink Turkish tea while you read your book with silent enviroment at Bodrum Marina. We talk about my new jobs and new friends enviroment. He just gave me some advice about personel ability and how can I extend it. He also offer to me new jobs at Bodrum. If I say the truth that he always make me sure about myself, feel peace of soul. Then I went to Muğla to see my friends and teacher at University.

I have met with my old homemate and close friends at Cakar Restaurant. The Cakar res. cook nice Turkish tea at inside sand.   Its really famous in Muğla. Then I went to University to take my Diploma and my The Honour Student Certificate. also my lectures wait to me on there. The fist I went to Mr. Ali Emre Aydın who studing Doktora student, he is writing his thesis about customer behavior agains to buy. then Mss Müge Adnan who specialize in social media and It systems. she always be kind and helpful, I still asked her if I couldnt find a solition about problem. The end of the day I have visited to Mr. Mehmet Marangoz, he talked about my Master apply process and I feel really satisfied about all of these good things. Because after your graduade generally nobody can remember inside 150 student to you. Its enought to lie up and took my tickets to Ankara Again...

Denizciler Cafe suits to read your book with silens and peace

Master Degree Desicion

Im looking for a school to keep study master degree, because school always effect to find new way to solition about my problems and do something differently. School and Work togother might e difficult in Turkey but I feel bad without univeristy. I always want to be researcher about my field to do my best about job, so I looked at TOBB university. They give us lots of opportunity, one of them is that finish your master in 3 semester and it equal a year. Just TOBB give to me that amazing opportunity, also it have lots of agreements with european universities to send its student there. So it is my first choise to apply master degree. I also looked their lessons during master year and they give a chance to specialize just a area such as marketing or management field.


2014 semester just finished and now we are preparing for the next year programme. I decided to apply #çankayauniversity, international trade and finance, it would be English language, will help to extend my english abilities, so I went to Çankaya Balgat campus to discuss their programme and lessons. There were a few point so important for me, one of them; the teaching time and how many course can I took in a semester also how much does it cost to me :). After a hour later I left the Campus, Their master programme suits to me and now Im waiting apply time. (18.06.2015).

Çankaya University
International Trade and Finance

I've applied to Çankaya University for International Trade and Finance. It was really interesting process. I'm still working and also try to keep educating into University. It would be tough together study and work in Turkey. I've applied for Master on 15.07.2015. After that they call to me for meeting at Çankaya University Balgat Campus. There were so crowded whose came to meeting for master. I've vaited around 30 munites then it was turn to me. Actually I was little excited about what will happend and when they ask to me questions, what should I suppose to tell them. But I was really sure that study in there with these lectures and time schedule totally suits to my working schedule. There were two people who lecture in Çankaya University as a Marketing and a Economy field. They asked to me that why I want to join that University's master programme. Genarally man wants to join master programme because of military service problem. So they want to delay it little more. I told them " I wanna back to europe again so I need to study master with english language to increase my language abilty." It took just 10 munites then I left the meeting. They back to me nextday and I am in at the moment :D. The school is really makes me happy and excites.

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3 years ago

Great job! I really enjoyed to read this post. I wish you luck for future! I hope everything will be fine with your university and your work! :) I'm looking forward for more.

3 years ago

Viola: Im so appreciated viola, thnk you :)