The Fault In Our Stars

The Universe

¨I fear oblivion.¨



Hazel Grace Lancaster- was born on September 29th 1995 and she is sixteen years old. Hazel finished high school early and has already begun pursuing a college education. She is diagnosed with Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer  with metastasis forming in her lungs, but has managed to live with her disease owing to doses of an experimental drug called Phalanxifor. She is a selfless person and she faces to reality.

Augustus Waters- He is the best friend of Issac and later Hazel's boyfriend and only love. As with his best friend and girlfriend, he suffers from cancer, particularly Osteosarcoma. Augustus is described as being tall, very attractive, intelligent and having mahogany colored hair. He fears oblivion, as he wants to make a mark on the world. He hates the idea of not being able to leave a mark at all, due to his diagnosis of cancer and its later-on terminal attribute. Augustus knew Issac before the Support Group the single and sole reason he was there was because he wanted to support Issac, before undergoing surgery and going blind.

Issac- He is one of the supporting characters. He had eye cancer, one glass eye and one real eye, then the other real eye was removed and he is NEC. He and Augustus are best friends, and through him Augustus befriends Hazel. He was previously in a relationship with Monica, until she broke up with him upon hearing he would go blind. Isaac is known to like video games and has a wide sense of humor, as evidenced when Hazel visits him after he undergoes his surgery; even through the most intense pain he jokes, "Come over here so I can examine your face with my hands and see deeper into your soul than a sighted person ever could".

Monica- Issac and Monica were together and very close. They promised each other to "always" love each other but when she heard that Issac would go blind, Monica broke up with him in fear and pity. Issac still loved her very much after the breakup and Monica does not at all appear again in The Fault In Our Stars, but she was mentioned quite a bit after Isaac's eye was removed.


Two teens, both who have different cancer conditions, fall in love after meeting at a cancer support group. Hazel Grace (who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of thirteen) was forced to go to a Support Group by her mother. There she met the love of her life, Augustus Waters. ♡ Augustus Waters a charming, hot guy that Hazel met and he took her to his house to watch a movie together.


Characters vs. Self

Hazel is fighting with her cancer that's within her. Her cancer is stopping her from doing other things, but she confronts her cancer because she's courageous.  Just like she states in the book " I didn't want to take the elevator because taking the elevator is a Last Days kind of activity at Support Group, so I took the stairs." She is very intelligent which I admire because she still is getting a proper education although later on maybe she'll pass, she's not wasting her life.

Character vs. Society

Hazel wants to be treated like any other human being. She doesn't want pity or people feeling sorry for her all the time because she has a disease that'll kill her. She doesn't want others to feel a awkward around her worrying they'll say the wrong thing such as "Is it even possible to walk in these? I mean, I would just die..."



We bet most of the teenagers you know don't have cancer, right? We can thank our lucky stars for that, but for Hazel, Augustus, and Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars, that means a whole lot of isolation. Sure, Hazel hangs out with her friend Kaitlyn, and Isaac starts off the book with a lovey dovey girlfriend, but when the going gets tough, their illnesses separate them from most other people. Add that to their physical limitations, and they find themselves in a world that is oftentimes very, very lonely.


We get to witness the sweet charms of young love as Hazel and Augustus flirt their way towards getting to know each other. Their attraction is undoubted, their compatibility uncanny, and by the end, we see that their love for each other is undeniable. But this isn't just a story about Hazel and Augustus, it's a story about everyone else in their lives, too. And there's a lot of love coming from all directions.


Even though Hazel is not religious and finds it at odds with intellectualism, her perspective changes when she has in-depth conversations with Augustus and her father, who both have their own take on spirituality.

Despite the name, Hazel Grace definitely isn't the religious type. But for many people, religion goes hand-in-hand with dying. Augustus's parents take real comfort in their belief in God; Patrick, who runs Support Group, also encourages the kids to turn to religion as they face down their own deaths.


Livingthrough cancer takes a daily dose of major courage. These kids (and families) have to deal with hospitals, doctors, and impending death every single day. Yeah, they're tough as nails where it really counts.


Hazel has the added complication of cancer—she doesn't have much time left to answer the question. Hazel's self-discovery is helped along by a boy, a book, and ultimately, herself. Cancer changes a lot of peoples' identities in the book, including Hazel's and her parents' roles in the family.Augustus wants so badly to achieve his goal of doing something big or heroic in his lifetime, but he should focus more on what he's already done.


We're all going to die, yes. But it's going to happen to Hazel and Augustus much sooner. Death follows these kids wherever they go. Even as they go through the usual teenage activities like playing video games, flirting, and falling in love for the first time, they are majorly aware of their own mortality. It's bleak, but it sure adds another layer of gravity.Augustus wants so badly to achieve his goal of doing something big or heroic in his lifetime, but he should focus more on what he's already done.


Text to Self:

I can relate to the book because someone important in my life died a few years ago, and they were very special to me. Also, I always wondered what would happen to me after I die if I would go to heaven or hell, or just plain darkness.


In the story, it takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana. The story usually takes place in the state of Indiana, but one important setting is Amsterdam.  


Since Hazel's favorite book is An Imperial of Affliction, it relates to her life because she has cancer and the main character in the book of poems is Maria. Ana dies at the end of the book because she has lost control of her cancer.


In The Fault In Ours Stars, there are a lot of metaphors that have meanings such as ,



which means  their ¨always¨ because it expresses their love each other in a simple form.

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3 years ago

The cause of that would be that the destiny will start changing thought the way.

3 years ago

Because it is always to good to be true.

3 years ago

It's not the fault of the good people that bad things happen to them because they just don't have control over those bad things. Like if they go bankrupt or a tornado ruins their house those powerful forces are too big to control but because their good people eventually their lick will change.

3 years ago

Bad things happen to good people because not everything is fair in life.

3 years ago

Bad things happen to everyone no matter if they're good or bad.

3 years ago

You cant really prevent certain things from happening.
I really like how you put that maybe we just go to plain darkness.

3 years ago

because its their destiny

3 years ago

Bad things happen to everyone no matter if their good people or bad people

3 years ago

Bad things happen to good people because everything happens for a reason.

3 years ago

I think that bad things happen to good people because life makes everything happen for something specific.