Feudal Society

By: Christian McDow and David Gray

EQ: What makes an effective form of government?


Feudal Society: It restored trade and order and protected people from barbaric invasions

As barbaric invasions increased, more people wanted protection from invaders. Feudalism developed where the rich provide protection for poor and in return the poor would support the rich by bringing them farm food or anything the owner wants.

Allowed rich and poor to cooperate and help each other from invasions. Favored both rich and poor.

Knights (or vassals) were granted fief (portions of land) by the king. Knights pledged loyalty and military service to the king.

There was a contract between lord and his vassals called the manorialism. Which was an oath to give loyalty to the king and obligations of lord to his vassals

Manorialism was a system by which lord of the Manor exploited who worked the fief. Lord of Manor had economic and legal power over his tenants. Tenants worked on land in return and The Lord of Manor provided protection.

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Was the affect of Feudal Society positive or negative?

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