Crazy Horse by Grayson

Crazy Horse was born in Rapid City SD in 1840

The Crazy Horse monument

The Crazy Horse memorial is in the black hills of southwestern South Dakota. You can take a tour of the monument, but it's not done.

About Crazy Horse

He was an Ogallala Sioux Indian chief. Crazy Horse joined with Cheyenne forces in a surprise attack against Gen. George Crook.

The Battle of Little Bighorn

The Battle Of Little Bighorn took place near the Little Bighorn River June 25 1876. He fought along side Chief Sitting Bull for this battle.

Where he surrendered

This is Fort Robinson. On May 6 1877 Crazy Horse rode to Fort Robinson Nebraska and surrendered.

The death of Crazy horse

After his arrest, Crazy Horse was returned to Fort Robinson. Later in a struggle with officers was killed by a bayonet.


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