Iraqi Troubles

- A growing humanitarian threat is arising in Iraq as ISIS gains power in the region

While the Bin Laden led Taliban had been the predominant terrorist concern for decades, newly formed miltant group ISIS has looked to take their throne with a radical streak of  heinous war crimes striking fear into the whole world. The group has seized control of much of Syria and Iraq, and has shifted the whole world's attention to the region. Despite being proclaimed strict followers of the Muslim faith, perhaps the scariest part of the organization is how much they go against their own holy book. From recruiting foreign soldiers to use of social media to spread propoganda and shock videos such as beheading,  ISIS feels more like an international gang or cartel than a religious group of militants. ISIS has an extensive list of war crimes and atrocities, including, but not limited to, brutal treatment of captured Iraqi soldiers as well as terrorizing civillians and persecuting religious minority. Since the group follows a very extreme and twisted version of Islam, one of their biggest critics are the large group of traditonal Muslims in the area who do not believe in religious violence. However, the conflict looks too dire to be solved without violence as the leaders of ISIS believe in using religous violence to establish a world-wide Islamic state. The people in the region can only hope at best for swift outside intervention that will stabilize the area with as little life lost as possible.

Article Citation: Arango, Tim. "Humanitarian Crisis Grows as Iraqis Flee ISIS Threat." The New York Times. The New York Times, 17 Apr. 2015. Web. 05 May 2015.

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