How to survive 6 grade

By Chandler Gossett

My Personal Experience

My personal experience was playing frisbee in a barrel.My three best friends made it.You through a frisbee from a distance to go on.My friend and I been playing it two days ,but we are sill havering fun.It is relley hard.I learn a lesson that frands will bring you fun


5 grade

Less work. No lookers

Kids are nice. No sport team

Had recess

6 grade

Lost of work

Kids are mean

No recess

Have lockers

Have sports teams

Problem and Solution

Coming back from the weekend and forgetting your locker number.Just ask a teacher and see if they can unlock it for you.You knock over someone's milk now they bully you.Just tell a teacher or a friend.You brought the wrong shoes to P.E now you have to sit out.Just use the student telephone to call home and tell them to bring your shoes.I went to P.E in sat my lunch  down then I lost it.So I look for it at the lost and found.Your teacher carring something heavy.So you go over there and help him or her yo carry it.

Cause and Fffect

Don't beat up too little kids because they look up to you.Tf you do you will get iss or get suspended.It was loud at lunch so the lights go off and you keep talking in you get caught .You might get silent lunch or iss.You slam your locker because you are mad and you brok it.You or your peraten have to bay  for it.You don't study for a test on Friday.You might not past.You keep sleeping in class then you get caught.You might get iss or eagal pard

What it means to be a 6 grader

Being successful in 6 grade means many things to me.First,it means earning the all a b award at honor day.Nect,it means learning how to graph in math class,and to unlock my locker with out help.Finally,I was successful at being a good studed.

My topic

I am an expert at math.I think I'm an expert at math because t made an A all year.i work and study really hard in math too.That is why I think I'm an expert at math.

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