by Samia Lindsey

How does this medication work ?

OxyContin binds to opiate receptors in the brain numbing feelings of pain...it can also cause euphoric feelings which cause you to feel high.

What conditions is this medicine used to treat ?

OxyContin is used to treat mild and severe pain as well as to suppress coughs, treat diarrhea, induce anesthesia, and to treat heroin addictions.

What other medicines treat the same condition ?

Other narcotics such as: Morphine, Codeine, OxyCodone

These are narcotics that will be injected into the blood line.

What are the side effects of this medication ?

Euphoria, drowsiness, slowed breathing, hepatitis, as well as skin, lung, & brain abscesses. AIDs are also common among abusers of narcotics who inject the drugs into the blood line.

How does this medication affect the brain ?

Psychological dependency is very common after using this medication. As a result of repeated use one must continue use in order to prevent withdrawal syndrome. An intense desire to take this drug can focus all of a person's thoughts on obtaining and using the drugs. Brain deficiencies can be mild or lead to severe complications.

What's the typical dosage ?

one 10mg tablet every 12 hours

Does this medication have any interactions with other medications ?

Yes using OxyContin and combining it with other medications can cause dangerous or life threatening side-effects.


Never take this medicine longer than prescribed or in larger doses

Don't share your medicine with anyone if its not prescribed to them they do not need it

Do not drink alcohol or combine with other medications while taking OxyContin

Misuse of this prescription drug can lead to serious addiction or  even overdose.

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