Byzantine Empire


Interesting Facts

The Byzantine began in 430ad after the fall of the Roman Empire. The eastern half the old Roman Empire fell into the dark ages while the western half went on to become the Byzantine Empire. The differences between the empires are the capitals, the religion, and the language. The roman empires capital was Rome, their religion was Roman Catholic (Christian), their language and they fell into the dark ages. The byzantine empires capital was Constantinople, their religion was eastern Greek Orthodox (Christian), and they grew strong and lasted 100 years. Their religion spread to Russia (known as Russian orthodox). Many byzantine ideas were introduced into Russia through trade including the Cyrillic, art work, religion, and architecture. They gave us Justinian’s code. Justinian’s code were the laws of the byzantine empire based on the “twelve tables of roman law”, it became a basis for laws in many European nations. The Byzantine Empire saved the knowledge, art, and ideas of old roman and Greek cultures.

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