the empire include 12 million people , each province ,was supposed to contain about

10,ooo residents.

inca society was highly regimented. so too, were marriage and the lives of woman.for women, there was only one alternative to a life of working in the home .the farmers houses ,built of stone or adobe with thatched roofs,were located near the fields .              

the inca great buiders, the best engineers among native Amarican peolpe. the buildings and monuments of the capital city of cusco were the wonder of early.european visitors.


What were their cities like?The Inca Empire was an empire centered in what is now Peru from 1400 to 1532 C.E. Over that period, the Inca used orders of the conquistador Francisco Pizarro, marking the beginning of Spanish rule. He used the capture to gain gold as a ransom. Over four months, almost 8 tons of gold was collected. Pizarro was supposed to let the ruler of the Incas free once the ransom was paid, but instead has him strangled in public.

The 1920s marked the beginning of an unprecedented era of freedom for women. Not only did they gain the right to vote in 1920, but women also began to play a more active role in sports, social life and even the workplace.

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