Why I love astronomy?

First of all Astronomy is the study of the universe(stars, planets, galaxies, etc.). I love astronomy because the stuff I find in the sky with or without a telescope. Like once I was 8 and looking up on the sky and found the little dipper! Then when I got my first telescope nobody knew how to use it but I kept practicing and finally I found the moon! And on 12/25/14 I got an even better telescope because it was taller and more accurate on the little scope that comes with the telescope. I got so excited that Christmas morning and couldn't wait to use it at night. And with that tall telescope I didn't have to go outside to use it I can stay inside in my room and find the moon. Finally I found the Moon it looked even closer than the other telescope I used! I saw a lot of craters in different shapes and sizes. I also love astronomy because not everything is solved anybody could get a chance to solve astronomers greatest and the most complicated. And the last reason I love this subject is because the facts are so interesting like did you know that blackholes are giant dead stars that its gravitational pull is so strong that not even light can escape. Even what astronomers think is interesting like some astronomers believe that wormholes can take you back in time and can take you anywhere, but I mean anywhere in the universe, but they also believe it's seriously dangerous that it can stretch you apart and other stuff but I won't explain because that is all I know.