The fight for love


Mercutio: Mercutio died while fighting Tybalt because Romeo was planning to marry Juliet and Tybalt did not approve so he fought Romeo and Mercutio came and fought him. While Tybalt was fighting Mercutio, Tybalt stabbed Mercutio in the stomach with a broke piece of glass.

Tybalt: Tybalt's died while Romeo was chasing him. Romeo was chasing him for revenge for killing Mercutio. After Tybalt killed Mercutio killed Tybalt ran so Romeo went after him. While Romeo was chasing Tybalt, Romeo saw him on the road and Tybalt crashed and Romeo grabbed his gun and shot him.

Romeo: Romeo died by poisoning himself because he thought that Juliet died so Romeo felt so depressed that he killed himself. He could of lived to see Juliet again if he knew that Juliet was a sleep. So, there was just confusion because one of the montague didn't know that Juliet was just asleep so he told Romeo that Juliet was dead. Romeo went to the tomb and stopped by a store to buy poison. After that he went inside the tomb and saw her body and then Juliet was waking up but it was to late. Romeo drank the poison and died.

Juliet: Juliet killed herself because Romeo killed himself as soon as she woke up. Juliet grab the gun that was next to Romeo and aimed it at her head and pulled the trigger. POP!!!


I think Romeo and Juliet relationship was true love because I would not go through all that and then kill my self after. At the beginning Romeo didn't know about Juliet but he found out when he went to a party with Mercutio and Benvolio. They both saw each other by the fish tank in the bathroom. They looked like they connected so later in the party Romeo saw Juliet dancing with her future husband Paris. Romeo took Juliet by the hand and kissed her. So they followed each other ever sense, Romeo and Juliet planned to marry each other and so they did but Juliet's cousin didn't agree. Tybalt got mad and wanted to fight Romeo and Mercutio got in it and then Tybalt stabbed Mercutio in the stomach and died. Romeo afterwards chased Tybalt and shot him many time in the chest. So Romeo was send off and could not return to the town again. Juliet was about to marry Paris but she didn't want to marry him. So she faked her death by drinking a sleeping drug. One of the Montagues saw that she was dead and told Romeo, so Romeo went to her tomb and saw her there thinking that she was dead but she was asleep. Before went to Juliets tomb Romeo brought a poison so he can kill him self if she was dead. Romeo drank the poison and as soon as he drank it Juliet finally woke up and Romeo was dead. After Juliet saw him dead she grabbed the gun next to him and shot her self.


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