Drugs or Medicines That will Need You at Coachella 2015

Everyone is trying to prepare their bags for Coachella music festival 2015. They are packing for a long time. You know that Coachella will be continue 3 days. Person, who don't want to go in Coachella 2015, They will watch Coachella 2015 online on YouTube or other.

The craziness for Coachella Outfits 2015 or Coachella Valley 2015 Festival has been started from now. Coachella weekend 1 is on 10, 11 and 12 April 2015. To make your weekend remarkable and memorable, You should go in Coachella festival. Things, you will need at Coachella 2015 like drugs or medicines, foodies or something else.

First Aid Kit

You will need first aid kit during Coachella festival. There may be an accident during dancing, drinking and partying, so first aid kit is required. So, prepared with your own first aid kit.


Bags are required for packing your luggage, which you want to take in Coachella festival. So, take away with you some bear cans and some clothes. Enjoy this festival with your friends doing a smashing party.

Shampoo or Baby Powder

There will be free showers available in Coachella festival, But you should take dry shampoo or baby powder with you. You can take baby powder by your hands. May be there is no showers or anything else in Coachella festival.


Take some wipes with you. This will keep you clean from water or anything else in Coachella festival 2015. It will keep you fresh. Use some spray for your portability or comfortably.

Reusable Water Bottles

You should take away with you some water bottles, which can reuse there. Clean your bottles before going to Coachella 2015.

Spray Fan

Take away spray fan with you to being energetic and freshness. Try to buy it in the way of Coachella. There will be very dust and hot. So, spray fan is required during Coachella festival.

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