My Top 10 of 7th Grade

By: Jason Hildebran

Before I tell you my top 10 of 7th grade I'm going to give you some tips to survive it.

1. Organization is key. It's important to keep your locker nice and neat, but I think that even more important is to keep you binders organized. get tabs for every binder and make sure to clip everything clipped in. Also make sure that they are sturdy and well taken care of. Tape will not work forever. Do not procrastinate. If you fall into this pattern this year will be very hard for you. You will end up doing everything the last night before it is due. In turn, you will tired the next day and the grade you get on the project will not be one you like.

My Top 10

1. Camp. This is the best part of seventh grade. Enjoy it to the fullest and make sure to do your journal early in the week so you are doing it after the dance Thursday night. It sucks, I know from experience. Every activity that you go to

2. School Sports. Doing a sport after school is one of the best parts of seventh and eighth grade that you can't do in sixth grade. It may be hard, but it is really fun.

3. Radio Broadcast. Even though it was for a grade, it was really fun to be creative and make a broadcast imitating H. G. Wells's War of the Worlds broadcast.

4. Outsiders Day. This was one of the best days of reading all year. We played games trying to get more points than Kowalski and Mchugh. The games are really fun and an overall great day.

5. Book Trailer. It took a long time to make but it was a great feeling to see your final project projected on the board.

6. Mrs. Wolfson in math. One day she subbed for Mr. Peterson and we did a compound interest worksheet. She got really mad went everyone questioned the answers on the answer key and it was really funny.

7. Road of Trials challenge with Krisfaluit. It was a very interesting activity. You have to use your imagination to visualize discovering new ways of doing things.

8. Science right before camp. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before camp you play fun games to prepare you for what camp is going to be like. They represent camp well. It is a lot of fun.

9. Dances. All of the dances are fun but I thought that the dance at camp was the most fun. Probably because it is only your grade.

10. 7th Grade. This year goes by so much faster than 6th grade does. It is an overall very fun year. So enjoy every bit of it.

HELA Moments

The first in HELA is Outsiders Day. The games and activities are really fun. Next is the radio broadcasts. They were really fun to make with your friends. Then there is the monomyth which has a very fun video to watch. Then is adventures with Krisfaluit. It was very funny to see Mrs. Kris all dressed up. After that was making a museum like we were building it from the point of view of someone from Anthem. We played grudgeball throughout the year which was great because it allowed you to relax for a day and just have fun. I hope you enjoy 7th grade HELA!

7th Grade Camp

This is the best week of seventh grade by far. The first day of camp I had camo games and I thought that that was going to be my favorite part of camp but then we went to the next activity the next day and that became my favorite. Their is not a boring activity of camp as long as you don't go in with an attitude saying it won't be fun. If you're open minded you will say that camp was the greatest part of seventh grade hands down. My only recommendations are to not procrastinate with your journal. Keep it updated for each activity you go to and keep it safe. Also do not do anything stupid.

My Precept

Seventh grade will be great, as long as you don't procrastinate.

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