The Moons Importanc

Sam Mixon
4th hour

The moons phase, tides, and, eclipses

this paragraph is to introduce you to what the moon causes. We will start with the most common, eclipses, the moon can block the sun out and create the rare solar eclipse. It can also turn red and create a liner eclipse. Now we will talk on the less common things. First the phases, the moon rotates and revolves just like earth, this causes the moon to have phases. And Finlay we will talk about tides, the moon pulls on the ocean and causes it to create a tide, depending on where the moon is.

Phases o the moon come from the moon rotation and revolution. They can effect weather and temp. Without the moon phases the moon would just sit still and it could effect way more than we think.

Now we have eclipses. They are also due to the moons rotation and revolution and don't effect alto but are still extremely rare. The liner is the most common but is still rare. The solar is incredibly rare and doesn't occur very often.

Finlay we conclude. The moon has incredible importance and without it we wouldn't have tides, moon phases, eclipses, and the weather would be different.

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