The temperate deciduous forest

Fun Facts: 1. Deciduous forest are usually forest that have trees that loose their leaves yearly.2. America has five times more trees than European land.3. There are four main natural resources of the deciduous forest. There are trees, flora, fauna, and ecosystems.Flora refers to all of the other plants. Fauna refers to the animals. Ecosystems refers to the way all of these factors interact with one another.4. These forests have, moist summers, and mild winters.5. you can usually find these forests in warm areas.By The Geographer.

Fun Facts: There are over 500 species of animals in the temperate forests. The animals that live here must be able to easily adapt to the changing seasons. Some of these animals migrate or hibernate in the winter months. Mammals that live in the temperate forests include foxes, coyotes, deer, bobcats, and bears. Birds that live in this biome include hawks, eagles, buzzards, cardinals. Some animals like bears, foxes, and coyotes are carnivores, while others prefers plants like flowers. Some species of deer, like white-tailed deer are found in southeast North America, while bears are usually found farther north.

Fun Facts:The best time of year to came is the fall because of the changing of the leaves. You probably need to wear long sleeves. The temperature is around 60 degrees through freezing. It is not common for it to storm but I wood back just in case. The fall is so beautiful if I have to say so myself.

Flora is characterized by 3-4 tree species per square kilometer. These trees are distinguished by broad leaves. Some trees we may have seen out in the temperate forest for ex. oak, beech, hidcory, hemlock, maple, and basswood. Different types of grasses and plants grow in these forests as well. This is all i have learned so i hope u enjoyed.

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