Assister à une école française

In the United States, high school grade levels are called 9th-12th grades. The French schools do not call them the same thing we do. They only have 3 grade levels in high school. Sophomore through seniors. Freshman is still middle school

3rd grade Collège -> Brevet des Collèges (exam)-9th

2nd grade Lycée (High school)-10th

1st grade Lycée ->Bac(calauréat) de français (exam)-11th

Terminale Lycée ->Bac(calauréat) (exam)-12th

Their vacation schedules are also much different. The way that their vacation schedule works is he summer holiday is about eight weeks long (July and August), the Christmas holiday is two weeks starting just before Christmas, and the spring holiday is two weeks at the end of April. Note that the spring holiday does not usually include Easter.

Their grading system is another very different thing about their school systems. Their grading scale goes like this:

16–20: very good (très bien: TB)

14–15.9: good (bien: B)

12–13.9: satisfactory (assez bien: AB)

10–11.9: correct (passable; not an official grade)

0–9.9: fail (insuffisant)

It is very rare to get a 16-20.

The hours of a typical day of a French school are 8:30-4:30 and they only go to school 4 days a week with Wednesday being the day that they get off.

French students do not usually have time for extra-curricular activities because of how demanding school over there is. They usually have a lot of homework

There are 4 different schools that French student attend in their career as a student. Ecole Maternelle, Ecole Primaire,Collège, and Lycée

At the end of high school, all student must take a test call the le boc which determines if they get to move onto college or redo senior year.

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