Mia Sweet and Nice

By: Mia Levi
English Howard-2nd

Mia with the eyes of midnight,

Mia of good moves and good grades,

Mia whose name teachers pronounce wrong,

Is a girl who’s everybodys friend and no one feels left out,

Lives in a beautiful, spectacular house,

loves her family to death and would do anything for them,

helps her sister get dress and look pretty,

works on her homework until she's finished,

Dreams like a baby when it is first born.

Mia's heart filled with joy,

Joins anybody when they are sad,

Bans bullying at all times.

Because nobody should get picked on, for we are all the same.

Mia, the algae eater inside a fish tank,

Inside the jar filled with bugs,

Inside a sink with mold with earthworms crawling in dirt,

Is disgusting and gross like seaweed on a man’s body.

Praises God all the time,

Believes anybody can do and achieve anything they believe in,

Trusts God with all her heart,

Knows everybody is capable of everything,

Protects and loves everybody.

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