I just started driving on my own and decided to get some food after an early release. I drove into a parking spot, but realized that it was crooked, so I decided to pull out and readjust myself. However, when pulling out I saw that was too close to the car next to me, but in sheer panic, I accidently pressed the gas pedal and took out the back bumper of the parked car. A sudden rush of panic and trepidation flowed through my body as I contemplated what I would do next. I thought of leaving a note, but instead decided to go inside the restaurant and see if I could find the owner of the car. I found the owner and sorted the insurance. Although a minor incident, it proved that my integrity was not a spurious facade of words used to bolster my self-image, but rather a genuine and central part of my identity. I did not let my fear and confusion cloud my judgment in doing the right thing. I could have easily driven off, letting the other person deal with the situation, but my values directed me otherwise. Yes, this experience was small, not quite liking winning a basketball state championship or debate tournament; however, it are these small events that attest to the values that define who I am today. These seemingly minor events build on top of each other, molding my character and forming the person I am today. This particular experience conjures great pride within myself, as it affirms my inner character and the honorable person I strive to be. My ability to discern the right decision in a moment of distress is a testament my responsibility and righteousness.

Of course, goals such having a successful career or having a large family are admirable endeavors to pursue. However, my most important goal is to be the most virtuous and morally commendable person that I can be personally, professionally, academically, and extracurricularly. This event, although minor, is one building block towards this ultimate goal.

I believe that being the person I am today will prove fruitful for my future. My values and character will allow me to succeed in my goal of attending the Naval Academy and becoming a commissioned Naval Officer.   

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