Skills and Characteristics you need to work in the IT industry

Industry specific:

1) What technical knowledge might you need in an It job?

(e.g If you were an App Designer, Games Maker Programmer, Social  Media Strategist you would need programming skills, knowledge of particular software and ability to work with code)

2) What working procedures would you follow in an IT job?

(e.g) What rules and regulations do you need to make sure you are following)

3) What Health and Safety issues might you come across?

(e.g Health...working at a computer/desk too long, eyesight, back issues, fire trips and falls etc)


1) What interpersonal skills will you need?

(e.g Following instructions, communicating/ being sociable, working with others and meetings.)

2) What planning skills will you need?

(e.g Being organised, meeting deadlines, breaking down tasks, team working)

3)  What numeric skills will you need?

(e.g Basic maths, percentages, working with formulas)


1) What attitudes will be preferred?

(e.g Determined, independent, integrity, tolerant, dependable, leadership, confidence and self-motivation)

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