You would be a moron not to have boron!


Boron has the atomic number 5. Boron is also classified as a metalloid. At normal temperatures boron is a poor electrical conductor but is a good conductor at high temperatures. It has several forms, the most common of which is amorphous boron, a dark powder, unreactive to oxygen, water, acids and alkalis. It reacts with metals to form borides.

Common Uses

Boron is used in fireworks and flares to produce a green color. Boron has also been used in some rockets as an ignition source. Boron-10, one of the naturally occurring isotopes (destructive kind of chemical) of boron, is a good absorber of neutrons and is used in the control rods of nuclear reactors (as a radiation shield and as a neutron detector). Boron filaments are used in the space industry because of their high-strength and lightweight.

Boron is not a moron!!

Get boron now while supplies last because boron can be used in almost every way all you have to do is find out what you'll do with it. Remember " You would be a moron not to have boron."

Biological Need

I ranked it 3 stars because boron is used in your body because a type of boron is in food that you eat and it is necessary.

Social Need

It has been ranked 2 stars for social need because beings on other planets can trade you if they are curious on what type of element it is and what it can do if they have not yet explored it.

Functional need

This element has been ranked 3 for functional need since it can be used as a nuclear protective shield. This will let you build a house and if a nuclear bomb goes off you survive.

Defensive Need

Boron has 2 stars because it can make a green flame when burned. Pyrotechnicians use this in fireworks. Also used in flares. This green flame can scare off predators that might want to kill you.

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