Japan social studies project

By Gabe Fontecchio

My country for the social studies project is Japan. Japan has a population of about 127,341,000 people. Japan's capitol is Tokyo where a giant metal building is called the Tokyo tower.

Japan's government:

      Japan's government is a constitutional monarchy but it's a bit different from other constitutional monarchy's because instead of a king or queen Japan has an emperor. Japan has a prime minister because of its government type and the prime ministers name is Shinzo

Japan's economy:

     Japan has a capitalist economy. Japan's currency is called the Japanese yen it is equal to .009 compared to the U.S dollar. Japan's GDP per capita is 37,539.58 and it is the 3rd largest in the world. I think that Japans economy is very successful economy because capitalism gives people a lot of freedom to do whatever they want for their job and if someone makes their own company that's just more ideas for the country. And other country's. I think that to improve the Japanese country they should give more benifets to older people that still work.

     Japan's literacy rate is 99% for both male and female. The life expectancy for the average Japanese male is 79.5 and female is 89.5 (one of the longest in the world).

Things to do in Japan:

       Japan is home to sumo wrestling, sumo wrestling is where people go to watch two fat guys beat each other up (like the Japanese version of wrestling). There is a famous hot spring called the jigokudani monkey park, it's called that because snow monkeys go to the hot spring to play and stay warm. Many people go there to watch. The monkeys play. The Tokyo tower is one of Japan's largest tourist attractions. The Tokyo tower is much like the Eiffel tower in London but it's in Tokyo and red and white instead of brownish gray.

        Japan's historical events:

      Heroshima was the first city ever to be bombed by an atomic bomb. It was bombed in world war II by the USA on May 8th in 1945.

The tokyo tower was built in 1958 and serves as a tourist attraction.

Long before the Tokyo tower was built their were the samurai. The samurai were ancient warriors that were master swordsman. They were established in 905 AD. Today Japan is struggling with foreign exchange students from mostly China.

The Pokemon company:

           A very successful and popular company in Japan is the Pokemon company. The Pokemon company makes trading cards That you can use to play the game.

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