Internet safety

Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and lots more!

Tips on how to be safe on the internet.

Unsafe browsing

  1. -Make sure that you never browse the internet for unsafe sites and inappropriate things.
  2. -Unsafe browsing can cause getting spammed,hacked and your computer or mobile device can be ruined.
  •                    Blocking
  1. Make sure that you don't put you face on the internet,or at least block it,pixel it or put a random picture of one of your interests.  
  •                  Private accounts  
  1. Our advice is you should have private accounts, because that only allows them to see what you want them to.  
  •                 Advise your parents
  1. Make sure that your parents know that you have a social media account.
  •                    Extra advise
  1. If you do get a social media account, make sure you put it either on restricted where they can only see basic things that you let them to ,like your name and your info on what your interests are. Or put you settings on private, where they can only see your name and profile picture.

Even Elsa is safe on the internet!

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