England's Culture & Etiquette

Meeting people

When meeting people its customary that women extend their hand first. Use appropriate titles until the host/collage say its okay to call them by their first names.English people may seem over formal,but are very helpful and friendly.


People in bigger cities wear formal clothing especially in London. Avoid wearing striped ties because the look like regimentals. For a business meeting men should wear dark suits and ties ,women should wear a dress,or skirts and a blouse,or a suit.Women should cross ankles not knees

Dining and Entertainment

Summon waiters by raising your hand.Present a small gift when you arrive such as chocolate,flowers,or books .its polite to send flowers advance of a dinner party;do not send white lilies because they symbolize death.Don't start eating until the host begins eating.Keep your hands on the table ,but be careful not to let your elbows touch the table.After eating leave a small amount of food on your plate.If the host folds his napkin the meal is over.


A queue is a line or sequence made of people or cars waiting their turn or to proceed.          Queuing is taken very seriously in England.It is considered wimpy to complain while in a queue."Queue Jumpers" people who cut the line are frowned upon.


Black cats bring good luck.If you say white rabbits 3x on the first day of the month before you say anything else it brings good luck.It is unlucky to pass someone on the stairs.

The End

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