the  destruction  of  HAITI
by Kobe  Dayries

In 2010 the beautiful exotic island, Haiti, was demolished by a ground-breaking earthquake that harmed many families. It left a disastrous demolition in the area causing many rescue teams to come and aid the harmed people. This occurred near the little town of Léogâne approximately 25 kilometers(16 miles) west of a Port-Au-Prince. By January 24, 52 after shocks were recorded and 3 million people were affected by the disastrous quake.

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Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere but its natural features are stunning and exotic

Rescue teams came to help rehabilitate the place and many buildings were restored to good condition but could still not replace what memories lied there before.

Even though people have been recovering the country, some buildings are still being recovered and some have been forgotten about. The recovery of the buildings have been slowed down due to economic problems and there are still some without any homes.

There is still hope in the heart of the people and happiness when the natural beauty is shown.

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