Wheelchair Ramps - an anti slip solution

Whether a wheelchair ramp is constructed from metal, concrete, plywood or even fibreglass, and no matter whether it is outdoors or inside, there is a chance that it will become slippery.
This can be a major issue not only for the wheelchair user, but also for someone who might be pushing it.
Paco Systems have been supplying a solution to this situation for many years, and it is as simple as painting on an anti-slip coating.
ProtectaKote for example, is very tough, resilient and durable, yet is comfortable to the touch and non-abrasive. It is waterproof, totally flexible, and is chemical and UV resistant.
Where as lighter grade of texture is preferred, SafeKote is an ideal solution. Designed originally to provide an anti-slip surface on modern yachts where the fibreglass can become treacherously slippery, other uses became apparent.

Both of the above products have uses in many other areas, such as:

  • Anti-Slip Floor Areas
  • Bridges, Steps, Walkways
  • Showers & Changing Rooms
  • Boat & Ship Decks, Jetties & Pontoons
  • Fire Escapes & Emergency Exits
  • Anti-Slip Areas Around Machinery
  • Work Areas under Fork Lift Trucks
  • Horse Box and Stable Floors
  • Building Entrances
  • Vehicle Protection (eg. Pick-Up Beds)
  • Additional Anti-Slip Performance on Rubber Tread Flooring

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