Lack of Sleep a disaster waiting

Insomnia(lack of Sleep) foreword

Lack of sleep is a very common thing and not very many people think that it causes any real problems but they are wrong. Lack of Sleep is exactly what it's name implies, it is when your body does not receive the amount of sleep it needs to carry on it's daily activities  Lack of sleep can also cause a variety of problems from dis-tractability to even death in extreme cases. Yet it is a treatable ailment  and quite common for some people.

Lack of Sleep Short term issues

Short term lack of sleep can cause very real problems even though most people do not known it. Among the problems is increased chance of distraction, decreased awareness, clumsiness, bad memory, and irritation. While these sound mundane it is a serious problem. Lack of sleep(in short term cases) is also reported to cause job injury and automobile injures, very serious problems(especially the second one)as an added bonus. Also, if you think that this is all lack of sleep can cause you are wrong, because the long term problems are even worse.

Lack of Sleep Long term issues

Lack of sleep long term can cause extremely serious problems for someone. Some of the problems are depression, lack of judgment, heart disease, strokes, mental stress/exhaustion, and high blood pressure. Yet in very extreme cases if someone has a change in sleep patterns( say you sleep usually for 9 hours at night but for a while you sleep for 5 hours each night) it can cause an increased chance of death. This is what lack of sleep can cause in long term cases.

How lack of sleep can effect you

How lack of sleep can start

Insomnia can start when someones normal sleep patterns are changed. Other causes are over scheduled or uses a lot of stimulants to stay awake during the day. Also, if someone is unhappy with their work (job), have trouble with their marriage, or has a sick child it can cause insomnia(a leading cause of lack of sleep). Another cause is phycological problems or antidepressants.

Treatments for lack of sleep

#1 Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time each night.

#2 A number of devices or surgeries.

#3 Try not to exercise before bed.

#4 Hide your clock so you won't be stressed about when you wake up.

#5 Avoid any stimuli before you go to bed( coffee, smoking, alcohol).

#6 Don't take nap and if you do do so before 3:00 pm and limit it to 30 min.

#7 Expose yourself to sunlight when you wake up( i.e. open the windows) and expose yourself to lost of sunlight during the day( do not wear sunglasses to often during the day).

#8 Take sleep medication but only for a short time.

#9 Go to bed early and set your alarm to wake you up.

#10 Stop smoking and exercise more during the day.

Treatment for insomniacts

#1 Do relaxation exercises( meditation, relaxing your mind and body).

#2 Behavior and lifestyle changes.

#3 Medicine.

#4 Try Cognitive-behavioral therapy which is a treatment that helps the person understand the problem so they can better understand and treat their aliment( insomnia) .

#5 Make sure your room is quiet, dark, and cool(venalated)


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