what is a tornado

“A tornado is a narrow, violently rotating column of air that extends from the base of a thunderstorm to the ground.”  Said nssl.noaa.gove/primer.

How A tornado is made

Most of the time a tornado starts as a thunderstorm.  There is two streams of wind and between them is wind that goes in a circle and if it gets a draft that goes down then it will go  down to the ground and it will form a tornado.   

different kind of tornado

There is many kinds of  tornadoes.   The Incredible Tornado it has the wind speed of 119 - 143 MPS (Minuets per second), the Moderate tornado has the wind speed of 33 - 50 MPS,  the Significant Tornado has the wind speed of 51 - 70 MPS,  and a few others.   

Historical Examples for tornadoes

There was a tornado that hit in the u.s on March 18, 1925,  695 people were killed in the tornado.  There was another tornado that hit in May 27, 1896 St. Louis and it killed 255 people.  The tornado that hit in March and the tornado that hit in May have lots of similarity and differences.  One similarity is that they both killed more then 100 people.  One differences is  the tornado in march had killed 695 and the tornado in May killed 255 people.

Impact on Human Life from a tornado

There are many different was that a tornado can impact on human life.  One of the impacts on human life is loss of live(s) because people become devastated (sad)  because they may have lost someone that they loved and they would miss them,  But now we have more time to get people to safety because we have technology to help worn us when it is going to come.  

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