Nile River

The Nile River is a very important geographical feature because it gave the Egyptians water and more food sources and a way to transport items. It gave them water because it is a huge river made of water. It gave them food like fish, clams, crocodile, and plants and vegetables because of the fertile land. Finally it gave them a way to transport goods by boat to and from far away places.  

The Arabian Desert

The Arabian Desert is an important geographical feature because it had animal life that provided the Egyptians with food. It also had the Nile river running through it so it provided them with a source of water near the desert. The Arabian desert had some plant life that provided vegetation for the Egyptians. It also provided protection for them.

Indian Ocean

The Indian ocean provided transportation to other parts of the world. It also provided salt water fish and animals for food. It also provided fertile soil around it for good farming.

Taurus Mountains

The Taurus Mountains provided protection to the Egyptians. It also provided vegetation. It provided water and fertile land because of the water there. It also provided animals because of all the resources there.

Arabian Peninsula

The Arabian Peninsula provided land near an transportation/water source. It also provides fertile land because of the soil near water which provides good farming. It also provided land for homes near water and other natural resources.

Persian Gulf

The Persian gulf is very important to ancient Egyptians. It is important because it provides a place to live near water. It also provides two different kinds of plants and animals land and water. There is also a way to get to the other land like a boat or a bridge.

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