Tackk Gratitude

So very greatful to have TACKK thru a very scary and unnerving night last evening. One of our little ones Alex  was injured at a playground and went from Emergency Room to admitting at a  Children's Hospital.

We were able to communicate, receive updates, see photos and pray her and her parents (my other son Mark and his wife Jen) thru it; together with Kyle and Rachel and  me.

Using the family stream feature, we were together from California, to Akron, to Sagamore.

At the same time, the communications were private, timely and I'm certain, a comfort to little Alex's Dad and Mom knowing that they weren't alone. That she and they were being held in prayer and that they only needed to communicate once, without sending numerous texts.

Early today, my youngest daughter Shalimar and her husband Scott learned of the situation and were able to review the entire situation and join us.

I sure hope we don't have any more emergencies like that, but I am so glad we had this Tackk family stream set up and ready when it happened!

I strongly recommend that anyone who belongs to a family - create one. Family connections are one of God's best gifts to us all.


We love you Alex💐

Comment Stream

2 years ago

Nice tackk Grammy! It was a great way to communicate, crack jokes, and send funny pics-in addition to all the important stuff you detailed above. @rpstalz is right! If you have a family or a group of friends Tackk stream is the way to go!

2 years ago

Thanks Rach!

2 years ago

cant wait to re connect with you guys

2 years ago

Very nice and yes it was great to connect with all of you at one time❤️thanks!