The finished project  

This hydraulic project is consisted of tow syringes one will be lifting the arm so that the hook would be at the same level as the top bar on the swing. Next there will be an extending syringe wich will allow the hook to go underneath the bar so that the are could  pick it up.


The jack: the jack would fall to the side everytime I tried to use the syringe to push it. At first I thought I should replace the parts of it that are from the jack to the arm wich is on top. It didn't make a difference so I thought about how and why it's wasn't working. I noticed that there were tree different sized of popsicle sticks so I decided to make a new jack this time with all the Popsicles the same size. After making the new jack I tested it out but unfortunately  the same problem occurred. The way I stuck the jack on the prices of wood would work just like a hing so I though insted of taking the jack of and remove it from the project , it's could be put to good use. It would suport the arm when it gos up and down bit first I had to glue the parts that cross on the jack so it can be stable when it's going up and down.

Base: At first the base seemed ok and leveled. But as we were testing the first jack we thought that the problem with it not going up and down properly was because the base wasn't leveled. I took of the paper covering the box and the tape wich was keeping the lid secure and opens the box. I tried to rearrange the blocks of wood, it was a bit better but still uneven so I cut up construction paper and folded it to make many layers. I taped it on the un leveled blocks and everything was leveled. For a back up if this didn't work we would full up the box with sand. We put the lid back on and covered  it with tape and construction paper. When the jack keeped falling I knew that the jack was the problem.

Swing: at the very last minute which was the day of presenting the tower has to be shorter in order for the swing to go up.

In conclusion this project was fun and personaly I never want to work with a jack again. Even though it made it very hard for me to stay calm during fixing the jack, looking back at it, it was fun. I would say I was on the the best model project I ever did.

The video is on iPad #10

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