In the novel of mice and men, tere are two kinds of people as in a strong and weak character. for example, curley is the boss' son and basically can get away with anything, most of the time  hes a bssy and aiairgant attiude. curley always trys to put up a fight because he was a lightweight boxer in a league: therefore, he messes with alot of people in the bunkhouse and around the work force.also, there are the weak characters referenced in the novel, crooks is a hard working man. crooks job is a black horse stablemen, while o the job a horse kicked him as hard as he could and crooks wearsthe name crooks and now has a hutchback and is  physically unstable.curley brings down the weak even weaker and makes them work harder,while putting up a fight even for situations they didnt even do. curley will take hes anger out on anyone.

            curley strikes out of his home while holding his brand new wifes hand, appoarching the stablemen, curley aigantly says "crooks, get my horse, my grea horse that ive blown' in our jack." crooks slowly perpares his horse and sarastly says "yes master." curley leaps on the top of the horses' back and demands "if i dont  impress my wife with this ride... im coming for you, crooks" crooks nodded. crooks says under his breathe: dont you live of the fat of the land." the ranch members are returning to there bunkhouses from bustin a gut on the farm. curley trys to galup over a layer of bricks; however, the horse wasnt strong enough and curley and the horse had a terrible tumbe.          

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