City of San Francisco

Paperless Everything, Everybody, Everywhere - It's the Law! (especially for our friend Keith)

Memo re: BVHS C/O '93  20 Year Reunion

In accordance with the City of San Francisco's green laws, if the BVHS C/O '93 20 Year Reunion fails to reach the number of required confirmed attendees (140) to "go paperless" and save our environment, city resident Keith will personally be required to (1) pay triple his normal annual carbon offset tax (equal to 90% of his family's adjusted gross income instead of only 30%), and (2) cover all per person event expenses for each and every BVHS reunion attendee (all food, drink, and other expenses on reunion night). It does not matter that the Reunion event location is San Diego and not San Francisco. What matters are the rules and regulations. As a resident, Keith knows the rules and regulations.

Thank you for your cooperation!


  • Pssst: all in good fun! Sorry, the above statements are in no way, shape, or form connected to reality.

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