Costa Rican's wear garments on holidays and special occasions but ticos are worn daily

Music is an important part of Costa Rican culture. Ticos enjoy listening to latin, American, and British contemporary rock and music from the 70s and 80s. Costa Ricans also like disco and latin dancing like the salsa, the lambada, the soca, and more

some major holidays of Costa Rica are:

  1. Alajuelita Fiestas
  2. New Year's Day Celebration
  3. Palmares Fiestas
  4. Santa Cruz Fiestas
  5. Coffee Cup

a major landmark of costa rica is lake Arenal near the rainforest

the population of Costa Rica is 4,937,755. THATS THE END OF THE BASICS

some major bodies of water in costa rica are the Carribean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean

costa rican's

A major landmarks is lake Arenal near the rainforest

major bodies of water are the Carribean sea,and

the population of Costa Rica is 4,937,755. THATS THE END OF THE BASICS

Costa Rica's major landforms are the Guanacaste mountains, the Tiliran mountains, the Central mountains, and the Talamanca mountains

All about Costa Rica

I am writing about Costa Rica, the capital is San Jose, the main language spoken is Spanish, its located in Central America,

Costa Rican's are 90% catholic


Costa Rican food, like most Central American food, is based on black beans and rice, tortillas and bread, fried plantains, and coffee. Costa Ricans like their coffee strong and black. Most people don’t like sissy things like azúcar, crema, jarabe, or other edulcorantes in their coffee. Unlike western countries, the main meal of the day fo Costa Ricans is lunch, so that’s when the family gaters around the table, has a big meal, and has some conversation. Costa Ricans have the right idea for that, they can use the large lunch on all the busy activities they have in the afternoon and have a smaller dinner because at night people do less work and have leisure time and get ready for bed, turning the food to fat strorage. It’s a good thing, you get to actually use up all the energy that you take. Because all Costa Ricans have lunch as their most important meal, most companies and other work places give two hours for lunch break. A common Costa Rican meal of black beans and rice is called gallo pinto. Costa Ricans, or Ticos, call common meals or common food comida tipica.

Costa Rica has a Democratic republic government and their president is

Laura Chinchilla Miranda

Costa Rican's play soccer[FUTBOL],cycling, boxing, and wrestling for entertainment.

Costa Rica is a rich nation and does not usally need rely on surrounding countries for supplies and money and Costa Rica

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