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A bridge connecting students, teachers,schools, families, and community

Through collaboration, I can articulate the relevance of flipped and blended learning through our new vehicle and connect this to the needs of educators in my building.

To do this I will:
First hour:

Explore Resources

Explore DEVOS and the NPS process therein.

Upload a video from YouTube to an appropriate channel using the new pass codes.

Explore the process of signage and line up a queue.

Second Hour:

Work in groups with DVME and make a video as prompted.

User Password Catgegory

academies brownF@ng91 Academies

amannouncements g00dm0rning! AM Announcements/Signage

art d@mpGiraffe58 Art

sports badFi$h36 Sports

CTE !ckyLamp20 CTE

literacy wi$eGeese62 Literacy

math z@nyFork31 Math

mediacenter firstG3ese35 Media Center

music $lowMask79 Music

PD $mallBrain84 Professional Development

science be$tMask92 Science

socialstudies itchyWi$h38 Social Studies

STEM @ngryBuffalo90 STEM

studentactivities gi@ntBat34 Student Activities

wellness b@dDay20 Wellness

worldlanguage happyT!ger68 World Language

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