Maze Runner
by: James Dashner

By: Daniella Holt

This is the trailer of The Maze Runner Movie. It came out in theaters on September 19th, 2014.


Thomas:  Thomas Is the boy who came to save all the other 50-60 boys. He may of gotten sent there to get out of the maze.

Newt: Newt is sort of the second leader other than Alby. Newt  Believes in Thomas and that he can get them out of the maze.  

Minho: Minho is the keeper of the runners. After Minho and Thomas go in the maze together over night, Minho lets Thomas, the greenie, tag along and be a runner.

Teresa: Teresa is the first girl in the glade. Thomas and Teresa can talk telepathically, speak to each other in their minds. Teresa is the last one to go to the glade.  

Alby: Alby Is the leader of the glade. He was also the first  person to come to the glade. He has survived in the glade for two years.

Gally: Gally thinks that none of the unusual events would of happened in the book without Thomas. So Gally thinks everything is his fault and that the gladers should  kill him.

Small Summary

A boy named Thomas comes up in a box to a place called a glade which is surrounded by a giant maze. There are these creatures called Grievers and if you get stung you go through the changing. A boy named Ben got stung and went a little crazy and tried to kill Thomas. One night Alby got stung and Minho tried to go before the gates closed so Thomas went in the maze to save them and killed a griever. The first girl came the next day and had a note in her hand that said shes the last one. The next day the gates did not close and many people got killed. Then they had a plan to get out but some people stayed behind including Gally. The people who left survived and now are going to phase 2 Scorch Tails.



The setting Is a shrubby place called the Glade which is surrounded by A giant maze that has no way out.  At least for now no way out. The boys who work in the maze are called gladers. there are about 50-60 of them.


The Authors purpose I think  was to show how to find the mystery and never give up  even if it is a little challenging.You also have to work together with people even if they are a pain. The author also said that as a little kid he watch the movie "The Shinning", "Lord of The Flies", and "Lost" and all those movies inspired him to make The Maze Runner.


If I had to give a ratting on The Maze Runner from 1-10 I would give It a 8 and highly recommend it. I would not give it a 10 because there is some violence and inappropriate parts. But it is very exiting and adventurous.


Maze Runner Book

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