Houston, We Have a Problem

On Friday, October 31 the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo crashed. SpaceShipTwo had 2 people in it at the time. These 2 people were the Co-pilot and the pilot. In the crash the co-pilot died while the pilot made it out in time but with very serious wounds. The aircraft malfunctioned after 2 minutes into powered flight. Officials are still figuring out what may have caused the crash but all fingers are pointing to the new motor. The motor itself had already been tested in 4 flight previously but this was the very first flight with the version 2 now using a nylon-type plastic called thermoplastic polyamide, replacing the old rubber based fuel. The accident accrued 2 minutes in to powered flight meaning that it was any where between 40 000 feet(12 km) to 200 000 feet(60km). It is more likely to have been a lower altitude seeing as how it was the first flight of the nylon-based propellent.

I think that the events that occurred on Friday was necessary for us to advance in space technology. Although tragic, I fell that without this crash we would not be able to find the problems within the new nylon-based fuel. This flight was to test out the new nylon-based fuel, if they didn't launch and didn't crash then they never would have known if there was anything wrong with the new fuel. From this article we are reminded that space missions or even test flights are very dangerous and can be deadly in most cases.

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